CREATOR & WRITER : Rashmi Ramesh is a Yogini and Dancer from Mumbai, India and has been working for over a decade with little children. While she was researching for Yoga content for kids, she realised that there was very little original creative Yoga content for kids coming from India even though Yoga originated in India. She decided to merge her love of Yoga with poetry and art and thus was born Yoga Guppy. To know more about Rashmi log on to www.movewithoris.com or follow on instagram @therashmiramesh

ILLUSTRATOR: Debjani Bhattacharya

The world seems more beautiful when there is a meaning to why it is so and this curiosity led to pursuing the world of Design and Art. Always fond of colours, Debjani grew up drawing and looking through illustrated books and marvelling the visuals, she graduated as a Graphic Designer with Illustration Majors. She has 3 children's book illustrations and published with her name on International publications, including Scholastic India and Under the Maple Tree .
She has experience in various fields of graphic design from print media, to motion graphics, game design and electronic medias for over 14 yrs.
This project is one of the closest to her heart, as it has the perfect combinations or Art, Culture and children, all three that pretty much define her.

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